Death and the Afterlife According to Sam, Abby and Hannah

So, we’re driving home from the the lake, and instead of asking for an ice cream cone or complaining that her brother is pulling on her seatbelt, Abby lobs up this little beauty:

“Mom, do you believe in the afterlife?”

I blame the left turn I’m making for the delay in my response before asking, “Abby, where did you hear that word?”

Abby: My friend Marisa. So. Do you?

Me: Well, yes, actually. I visit with my grandparents sometimes while I’m sleeping.

Sam [deadpan]: I thought they were dead.

Me: Yes, Sam, they are. Nonny’s mom died in 1983, then Poppy’s dad died in 1986. Then Nonny’s dad in 1987, and Poppy’s mom stayed with us the longest. She died in 1992.

Sam [who still hasn’t looked up from his Lego “Krusty Krab” restaurant]: So, then you were “fresh out”?

Me: Yep, fresh out. I always wished for one extra day with them so they could meet you guys. Dad was really lucky to have his Nana around until just last year.

Hannah: I miss Nana.

Abby: She’s flying above us right now, Hannah!

Sam: Like in an airplane?

Abby: [exasperated, as only a 9 year-old sister can be]: No, Sam, you can’t see her. She’s invisible.

Sam [noticeably less monotone]: She’s flying and she’s invisible?

Hannah: Mommy, can we get ice cream?


2 responses to “Death and the Afterlife According to Sam, Abby and Hannah

  1. So, then you were “fresh out”?

    Great line! I actually had 3 GREAT-grandparents as a kid. The last died just before I got married (he was 94). My mother’s father died when she was 8 and in many ways she never got over it.

  2. aawwww what sweet babies! I love the way kids’ minds work!

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