We Are There Yet

I’m pleased to report that we have successfully accomplished the goal of arriving safely at Mom and Dad’s place, after Friday’s flight from Boston to Detroit, and Saturday’s four hour drive from Ann Arbor to the lake in the northern woods.

For anyone planning to travel by air in the near future, I’m happy to inform you (and simultaneously, mildly alarmed) that airport security, even in Boston, was a breeze. Of course, anyone who has traveled with kids knows that even if x-ray inspections and strip searches don’t muck up the travels, there are bound to be other challenges.

Friday, Flight Day

Airport Security: easy

Flight: on time

Number of return trips to rental car counter to obtain correct paperwork required for departure from rental car lot: 3

Amount of time elapsed between touchdown on runway and actual departure from airport, due to mind-numbing incompetence of employees of a reasonably priced but unbelievably laid-back car rental company that rhymes with “holler”: 2 hours

Saturday, Day of the Dreaded Car Trip

Elapsed time between departure from my brother’s house and Hannah’s first “are we there yet?”: 16 minutes

Total number (give or take five) of “are we there yets?”: 37

Total Number of closed fist punches between occupants of the backseat: I don’t know, I have learned to crank up the radio and face forward.

Number of caffeinated beverages consumed/required: Consumed: 8. Required: there is not enough caffeine in the world.


One response to “We Are There Yet

  1. Aaaah, car trips with young children….:)

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