Open Query Regarding the Male Brain

Why is it that when a second floor shower leaks water onto a first floor dining room table, all the men in the house, none of whom are plumbers, scurry downstairs to the basement to diagnose the problem?


6 responses to “Open Query Regarding the Male Brain

  1. That’s where the beer fridge is?

    (Seriously, that’s probably where your main water valve is, and that needs to be shut off to stop the flow of water temporarily. That, or at your water meter.)

  2. Because that would be obvious, and the obvious answer is always the red herring.. unless of course, it’s the actual answer.

  3. Kaf – exactly. And, of course, it was the actual answer. :)

  4. We hide in the basement so we can all quickly dial our plumber friends on our cell phones, get the answer, then come strutting upstairs like we’ve just solved world hunger.

    Doesn’t everyone know that?

  5. To appear busy in the hope that while they are downstairs a woman will go to the second floor and fix the problem….:)

  6. pssst, Higgy, we knew – we just didn’t know you knew we knew!

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