Please Hold; Regularly Scheduled Blogging Will Resume Shortly

I know, I promised updates on 1) Abby, and 2) The Big Chicken Dinner.

UPDATE #1: Abby’s doing fine, though still wearing the splint. She has a nasty, horrible bruise on her left thumb knuckle, and she lost so much skin that my knees buckle a little bit every time I change the bandage.

UPDATE #2a: We did go back out for Take 2 on the dinner a few nights after our ER adventure, but I never got around to writing about it because we’ve been packing, traveling, traveling more; now unpacking, doing laundry, ridding the house of two weeks worth of flying cat fur, restocking the bare cupboards with $326 worth of groceries, and getting the kids ready for their first day of school, which is the day after tomorrow!

UPDATE #2b: There were, in fact, oodles of noodles. They were good. Abby reports that “fried chicken rocks.”

*looks forward to getting back into the regular routine and having more time to write, which should happen probably sometime around Halloween Christmas never*

*looks forward to continued shirkage of responsibilities and writing anyway*


4 responses to “Please Hold; Regularly Scheduled Blogging Will Resume Shortly

  1. Great picture!

  2. Yes, great pic. But I’m still waiting for a more complete review of the chicken dinner: noodles do not stand alone. :)

  3. Oh my gawd, the pressure! The pressure!

  4. OK, if El wants more noodles I want biscuits.

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