4th Grade Announcement

The child formerly known as Abby would like, henceforth, to be known as Abigail. That is all.


7 responses to “4th Grade Announcement

  1. *snork*

    You got it, Abigail.

  2. i remember in 4th grade i wanted them to stop calling me Abigail…

  3. And how is mom doing in that regard?

    *waves hi to Abigail*

    It’s a beautiful name. :)

  4. My brother’s stepdaughter was named “Love” when she was born (the 70s, obviously). By the time we met her (she was 6) she was being called “Autumn”.

    At one point (age 13?) she decided she preferred “Jennifer” but my sister-in-law told her to wait until she was 18 and she could call herself whatever she wanted.

    She’s now 31 and for the last 5 years or so her name has been…wait for it…Premhansa.

    Don’t ask me. But she’s still the same delightful person she was at 6.

  5. Last year, Abby and Hannah renamed themselves Tiger and Jennifer for a few weeks. I suspect we’ll go through a few rounds of this.

    Premhansa! Namaste.

  6. My wife had Prehamsa – that’s why Owen was born early…..

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