*comes up for air*

I haven’t been here since September 20th?? Aaacck, where’d I go?


4 responses to “*comes up for air*

  1. I don’t know, but we missed you?

    And now I’m leaving for Vegas, baby!

  2. Wow, you Meyersons really get around, don’t you?

    Wish I could be there, too. Please say hi to all gambling and non-gambling bloglits from me! And of course, we’ll expect a full report after the weekend.

  3. well it’s about dang time. :)

    have fun, jeff!

  4. Bloglits gathering in Vegas already? When I had lunch with Sly on Thu., I got the impression that was happening later in the year.

    Whenever — have fun, folks, and welcome back kdf!

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