Why I’m Thankful for Modern Dentistry

Abby had a school assignment to write some statements describing herself. Here’s an excerpt from her verbal self-portrait:

I Am…

– A cat lover
– A traveler
– A sister of Hannah and Sam
– A 9 year-old
– Sad when I don’t get candy
– A candy lover
– A happy person when I buy candy

In addition to the frightening prospect of the cost of future dental work, I wonder if Abby has stumbled upon a psychiatric truth. Is candy an anti-depressant? Is she actually unhappy when she doesn’t have any? Should I be worried about an addiction?



7 responses to “Why I’m Thankful for Modern Dentistry

  1. She may have just been hungry at the time she came up with that – sometimes a horse is just a horse and not a zebra!! :)

    I totally messed up that horse/zebra thing but I’m going to leave it but please know that I know it’s wrong. Thank you.

  2. Sugar is good until the sugar high kicks out. Then you need more candy.

  3. hey, for her it’s candy, for us it’s mojitos.

  4. Mojitos and blogging. Might as well air out all of our addictions-in-common… ;-)

  5. oh, ok, blogging too…geez…


    and btw, KDF and the Blog Addictions WBAGNFARB.

  6. local news did a story on Net addiction…to find out if you had it, there was a quiz…online!

  7. Now that’s funny, insom!


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