"Mom, can we carve the pumpkins today?"

This was the question whispered in my ear as I woke up this morning. We’ve been busy here with school and soccer and Pirates, so the pumpkins have been sitting out on the front steps, uncarved so far.

It’s 50 degrees and the wind is howling here this morning. I don’t love the chore of scooping the goopy, orange mush-guts, but it’s worth it to retrieve every seed for roasting (salt and a little olive oil, 30 minutes at 350 degrees = a crunchy, salty once-a-year snack that completely disappears from my kitchen before the seeds are even cool.)

So I suggested to Abby that maybe we should bring the pumpkins inside for a couple hours this morning, so that we can at least scoop the goop without risking frostbite. Hannah heard the plan, and was appalled at the idea of waiting such a long time before carving. She took an active role in hurrying things along.


Costume change 1, and Abby’s gourd gets in on the warming action. Please note the fluffy white earmuffs.


The final product; carved by Mom, supervised by Hannah. The pumpkin is the one on the right.


2 responses to “"Mom, can we carve the pumpkins today?"

  1. awww…your kids are so sweet!

  2. And funny!

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