Comfort and Joy

This morning, Hannah asked me if we could go to the mall and have a Girlie Fun Day, which involves strolling with our fellow shoppers, trying out lipstick samples, and buying stuff.

I hate the mall, even when it’s not the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

After I said no, my lovely and persistent daughters still tried to get me to drive there, because they didn’t buy it when I told them that there really weren’t any parking spots left.

I told them we’ll go another time.


6 responses to “Comfort and Joy

  1. “another time”…


    hey, how ’bout if i bring my 10 year old daughter along, and they can hang out and do girly stuff, whilst we do “big girl” stuff.

    sound good?

  2. sg, while my mind is exploding with possibilities and just a tiny bit of fear as to your specific definition of “big girl stuff,” I’ll just go ahead respond with an enthusiastic YES, IT SOUNDS GREAT! :)

  3. as long as it’s only a tiny bit of fear. ;)

  4. *snork* at “when pigs fly”

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