Public Service Announcement for Computer Doofuses Like Myself

I am officially back in business, as the nice man from Fed Ex appeared at my door yesterday and handed over my repaired computer, complete with a brand-spanking new shiny, happy (blank — ouch) hard drive. I have almost restored it to something that resembles my own computer, since by some miracle I had filed important software (printer, Microsoft Office, etc.) in the basement.


The public service announcement portion of this post: Back up your stuff. Hard drives die with no warning.


4 responses to “Public Service Announcement for Computer Doofuses Like Myself

  1. tell me about it! i have lots of pictures i have to save to a dvd, because i was really afraid i’d lost them when mine died.

  2. Except for what I have here on the blog, mine are gone. I learned my lesson.

  3. Your pain will serve as my warning — four year old machine here, awaiting installation of a new CD burner. I’m gonna make that the new top priority around The House of Perpetual Remodel, replacing “snow removal”, “acquire a snow blower” and “build ramps to get the beast into my truck”. At least until the next storm.

  4. Four years was the magic number for two PC’s here… then they were toast. All software issues — the computers just couldn’t deal anymore. So I switched to a Mac, which I LOOOOOVE… no maintenance, no problems, no viruses even, then *poof.*

    Yes, it was a mechanical issue, since it was my hard drive that went kablooey, so I still love my Mac.

    But, as I said.

    Lesson learned.

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