Monthly Archives: February 2007

The Elevator Show

Or, click here to watch this directly on the YouTube page, where you can enlarge it (by clicking the “enlarge” icon, located under the video screen in the lower right corner) and watch in full-screen size to see the details more clearly.

Sam is extremely interested in elevators lately. Several of the closets in our house are now graced with construction paper floor indicators and carefully drawn buttons. Sam gets annoyed with me when I open only one side of the double-doored closet, as the doors are SUPPOSED to open simultaneously. Never mind that I’m only after a can of garbanzo beans, it’s an elevator, dammit!

Many kids with Sam’s particular neuro-configuration are into animation. While he has always been a very good artist with an innate understanding of visual perspective, I haven’t noticed any interest in animation until today. He has a software program called Kid Pix, on which the user can choose formats and various elements, or can free draw, which is usually Sam’s choice. He likes to do things his own way. About an hour ago, he asked, “Mom, want to see what I drew?” and led me to the computer.

He didn’t realize he had created an animation until I told him that’s what it was — he just instinctively drew many separate pictures and displayed them sequentially. He hand drew every element.

I’m particularly proud of the elevator music.

The kid cracks me up.