Welcome to My New Place!

I’m still settling in, and I miss the old place much like I missed my old backyard when we moved away from Rose Avenue in 1972, but I like it here because I can categorize my posts, customize everything, and hopefully, you all will have fewer problems writing in the comments section. I’m still playing with fonts and formats and widgets, and I sure wish I could figure out how to get a picture over there in the sidebar… but still, please tell me what you think!

Also, I’m not really prepared to host a blogwarming party, but gifts of red wine and dark chocolate are always in good taste.


9 responses to “Welcome to My New Place!

  1. Yay for WordPress!

    WP can be a bit tricky to use (or maybe I’m just computer illiterate) but the most important thing I found out was: text widgets are your best friend. I don’t understand them very well and had to get a ‘widgets for dummies’ tutorial from another user.

    It’s looking pretty good over here. Is it ok if I just bring beer and chips?

  2. Yes, please on the beer and chips! And I kinda had that feeling about the text widgets — I’m determined to win them over. Thanks, Peri!

  3. works for me, kay!

  4. WHEW!

    OK. I’m here. I bookmarked the new site and, after a moment of anxiety deleted your old blog.

    I like the pale blue.

    *waves hi to Peri*
    Bring enough for me too, OK? ;)

  5. El, I’m a little embarrassed to admit to the anxiety I felt when it was time to press the “import” button, granting Flogspot permission to send all of my posts here.

    Would I accidentally erase all 67 of my old posts? Would I do some sort of irreversible damage when I hit the magic button, like when Mike TeeVee shrunk himself in Willy Wonka’s *bleep-bleep-bloop-bloop* machine? Would all of my pictures and links disappear forever into the ether of the internet?

    It scared me.

    But I trusted Kaf, grimaced a little, pressed the button, and was totally shocked when it worked.

    WHEW! indeed.

  6. You’re a brave, brave woman, Kathy.

    I, however, am only mildly evil, and I was having a good day.

    It looks all pretty over here.

    Note: Some of the templates have customisible (I don’t think that’s even a word) headers, so you can put the photos/images that you want in them, making the top of your blog your personal picture gallery.

    Freshytheme, Pressrow, Cutline & Regulus all let you add pics to the banner for sure. Don’t know if there are any others.

  7. OK, I definitely liked some of those themes, but didn’t go with them because I didn’t realize they were customizable. I’ll investigate.

    Thank you so much for helping me in my time of need!

    *openly weeps*

  8. Yep – on the dashboard pick “presentation” and under that “custom image header” and it will let you browse for a photo. Don’t ask how long it took me to get all of that figured.

  9. ooh, cute new front page!

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