What 11 Year-Old Boys Are Made Of

Sam (watching me make macaroni and cheese for lunch): Mom, what’s that stuff made of?

Me: Hm, well, pasta and cheese and butter and milk.

Sam (after a thoughtful pause): Mom, what are you made of?

Me: Skin and bones and brains and muscles, bud.

Sam (smirking): NO!!! You’re a girl!!! You’re made of sugar and spice and everything nice!

Me (incredulous): Ohhh!!! So that means… are you telling me that you’re made of snakes and snails and puppy dog tails?

Sam: NO!!! Boys are made of salt and spice and everything dangerous and violent.

Me: Ah.


5 responses to “What 11 Year-Old Boys Are Made Of

  1. thebemusedcapybara

    that’s adorable :)

  2. uh oh…

    but kay, shoddy journalism here…

    in which way did you respond to that?

  3. What a gruesome kid! I love that!

  4. sg,

    See “ah.” That was pretty much it. :)

  5. when he was very young, insomniac jr. was swimming in a pool with the mrs., she asked him what was under the pool. “Bones” , he said.

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