Fun with Symmetry

Hannah discovered that if she opens the center section of the bathroom mirror, she can move her face from side to side to create an entirely new look.


Be advised that while long hair is optional, it is extremely versatile, and recommended.


8 responses to “Fun with Symmetry

  1. gotta luv the ‘stache ;D

  2. whoa, my comment showed up immediately!

    *testing, testing, testing…*


  3. first ‘charlotte’s web’ and now ‘cats’…

  4. Har!

    I was seeing something Dr. Seussish, myself.

  5. I’m thinking blonde Fu Man Chu myself. Cute shot!

  6. Jeff Meyerson

    What insomniac said. I thought I was having an Andrew Lloyd Webber flashback, which is never a good thing.

  7. That is great.

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