Take Note, Virginia Department of Travel and Tourism

Just in the nick of time to commemorate America’s Big 400th Anniversary, Sam’s 5th grade class is studying the Jamestown Colonists in Social Studies.

He drew this picture at school, on the computer:


Here’s an enlarged view of the text:


Copywriters, watch your backs! Sam is a natural, and he’s after your job.


12 responses to “Take Note, Virginia Department of Travel and Tourism

  1. *laughs*

    Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned paper-and-crayon pictures?

    And since when does age 22 make me eligible to board the geezer bus and talk about young whipper-snappers, their newfangled notions, and the simplicity of the “good old days?” ;-)

  2. was sam behind that whole naming-it-“Greenland” thing?

    bumble- i can be so easily bowled over by student powerpoint presentations, it’s not funny…

  3. Bumble, the geezer bus sneaks up on all of us. Trust me on this.

    He’s pretty handy with crayons and pencils and markers and glue and scissors. But the occasional KidPix drawing is fun, too. The way he does those pictures most of the time reminds me a little of the way I used to play with the Etch A Sketch (speaking of the geezer bus!)

  4. insom- PowerPoint I can do. Half the teachers require them for presentations. And if they don’t specifically require them, they wonder why you don’t have them when everyone else does. It’s peer pressure; everyone’s doing it.

    KDF- Etch A Sketch is not geezer material. They’re still around. My nephew has one. Speaking of geezer toys, does anyone remember the joy of the Lite Brite?

  5. southerngirl

    etch-a-sketch and lite brite…

    *flashes back to childhood*

  6. Jeff Meyerson

    Too bad he can’t be there to show it to Queen Elizabeth today.

    But then, she isn’t known for her sense of humor.

  7. The Queen should be so lucky to meet him!

    Bumble, I loved my Lite Brite. :)

  8. KDF~ We found Lite-Brites at Toys ‘R’ Us when my darling nephew was only six months. We bought one and put it aside until he was old enough to play with it. My sister must have it somewhere. He’s old enough now; I’ll have to ask her about it. Maybe we can bring it out for the first time if I go visit this summer. I can help with the unveiling and teach him to play with it. All for his benefit, of course. ;-)

    ♪♫♪ I don’t wanna grow up; I’m a Toys ‘R’ Us kid… ♪♫♪

  9. Sam is amazing.

    And speaking of getting older (does html work here?), I’m upset that CG’s kids are. The girls will be 13 tomorrow. I want them still to be 3. *sigh*

  10. Aw! Happy Birthday, CG’s girls!

    I know, El, it’s ridiculous. I look at Sam and can remember him as a tiny little infant in my arms as if that were last week, except somehow, now he is almost 100 pounds and pushing twelve years old???

  11. Just a late note on Lite-Brites.

    The ones I’ve seen have round pegs.

    I had one when I was much younger…and I’m SURE it was a real Lite-Brite, not a knockoff…but it had SQUARE pegs…and little halved ones, rectangles or triangles. I have NEVER seen another one.

    I can’t be imagining that, can I? My sister remembers it too.

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