Hannah’s Afterschool Shopping Spree

This afternoon, after a long day of adding, subtracting, spelling and — of course — rehearsing her lines, Hannah spent five weeks worth of her allowance on a Shining Star. These stuffed toys are one company’s answer to the mind-numbing, wallet-emptying insanity of the delightful and captivating Webkinz phenomenon.

Note: If at this point you are wrinkling your brow and thinking, “What the [very bad word] is she talking about?” please know that you are among an extremely fortunate few, and enjoy the fact that nobody is lining up behind you and fighting with her sister about who gets to borrow your computer to adopt “Pickles the Platypus” while you make dinner.

Hannah’s room is littered with stuffed pets. They have a way of taking over the house, not to mention being mostly forgotten, so I have thrown away more purple kitties and pink elephants and fluffy puppies than I can count (I know. I’m the Meanest Mom Ever. I’m over it.) Still, Hannah wanted a Shining Star so much that she chose to save her money until she could buy one herself.

There are 24 varieties of these little critters. There’s a tiger and a monkey and hey, I think the penguin’s pretty cute.

Guess which one Hannah chose and named “Wilbur”?


She’s planning to take Wilbur to school tomorrow to see if she can get her (yes, her) a gig as a stage prop.

I can’t argue with the logic. An employed pig is safe from the smokehouse.



5 responses to “Hannah’s Afterschool Shopping Spree

  1. southerngirl

    gotta love the way the gal thinks!

    and i want the penguin.


  2. I kinda figured you would.

  3. My kids have these three little cats that they moon over – it is crazy. They have a detailed sleeping chart for the critters.

    I think they love them so because were paid for with their own cash.

    Works like a charm. A scary charm.

  4. Scary, indeed.

    I changed the sheets on Sam’s bed yesterday, and Hannah came to me with a look of dread and said, “Mom? You don’t have to do mine too, do you?” Apparently, it takes a huge amount of work for her to put all of her animals back in their assigned spots.

    pssst, all, check out Lisa’s fantastic blog, “Mama Milton,” by clicking her name, above.

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