Geeky Blog Marketing Alert

Warning: the following contains blog-obsessed information concerning my attempts to increase my readership, and may also provide a public service to my fellow bloggers. This information may cause extreme boredom, so I implore you to skip it if you notice your eyes rolling.

You may have noticed my ever increasing collection of cute little blog buttons on the right ====>, over there.

This is all part of my shameless self-marketing campaign to get more fine folks such as yourself to find my little home in Blogland. There are many general and topic-specific net circles out there. Some are juried and others can just be joined for the asking. As I have discovered each of these resources, I have been gratified to find that these lists contain some really great blogs, with bright shiny prose and guffaw-inducing wit, hiding in amongst the bazillions of crappy sites littered with LOL’s, smarmy pictures, and spelling errors, which tend not to be found anywhere near, in, or around these groups.

I have developed a new, highly entertaining habit in hitting the “random” button over there ====> (right under the “Crazy Hip Blog Mamas” icon) at least once a day. It almost always comes back with something interesting; something that makes me want to write more.

Of course, I won’t discourage you if you decide to click on the “Vote for Me” button, also conveniently located over there ====>, but most importantly, if you are a blogger and lay awake at night wondering how to find more readers, consider registering your URL with one or more of these sites.

/end self-serving advertising message


5 responses to “Geeky Blog Marketing Alert

  1. It’s also a good idea to stay current and in touch with your blog buddies, so you don’t miss it for two weeks when one moves hers. It also lessens the chance that you’ll suffer the indignity of her forgetting to bring the link to your blog over from her old one. (Apparently I am not above dropping a shameless hint.)

    I will update my link to you as soon as I am back from getting the kids. You go first. ;-)

  2. testimonial:
    “I read ‘Why Would I Sleep?’ nearly every day, and now I am the vice-president of Albania.”

  3. I just wanted to let you know that since I read about your hairclip problem, I’ve found seven in random spots around my apartment. I found one in the fruit basket – I wish I knew why. I just now stepped on one while I was going down the hallway to wake up my daughter.

    I never buy hairclips since J won’t wear them so I can only assume that these are yours. Can you try losing money next? I won’t even holler if I step on it.

  4. I found two clips planted in the garden on the very day I wrote that post, and actually thought, “Huh, what a good idea… a hairclip plant would solve my problem!”

    *tosses chocolate over shoulder, just to see if Peri finds it*

    *plants some money*

    If it grows into a shrub or tree of some sort, I’ll lose some of that too. ;)

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