Fortunately, Nobody Was Injured

Sam re-enacts this scene several times daily, always using the same words, timing, and tonality. The first time he did it, I thought he’d be upset about the broken airplane, but evidently the fun is in the rebuilding. He patiently rebuilds after each “landing” and enthusiastically sets up for the next crash.

Sam serves as camera man, director and voice talent, and his bedroom works well as a soundstage. Watch carefully for glimpses of dirty laundry, old homework, and half-empty juice boxes.


2 responses to “Fortunately, Nobody Was Injured

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    Coming soon to ABC:

    Lost: New England

  2. I was thinking about this video today. Very random. And it took me about a half hour to find it. (Not knowing WHEN it was posted.) I enjoy your Sam stories immensely as my David is going to be 10 this summer and I find so much encouragement from your successful travels through these ages.

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