Dare to Dream, Blondie

Hannah’s 8th birthday is in exactly two weeks.

Ten days ago, she declared that “the packages” really should be arriving soon. I must have looked confused, because she went on to explain that many presents must be making their way to our house via UPS truck since it was, afterall, getting very close to her birthday. I felt the urge to manage her expectations so that she wouldn’t be crushed when her mounds of gifts don’t arrive as expected, so I told her that maybe she’ll get one or two mailed packages, max, from her grandparents.

I suggested that she might consider, at some point, putting together a wish list so that Her People might have some idea about what she might like to receive on her birthday.

Tonight, she wrote this:



Owl Shining Star

Penguin Shining Star

iPod Nano (oh, like that’s gonna happen)

Uncle Doug (he did appear once; in fact, he jumped out of a box, having driven ten hours to join us on her birthday, so I’m sure she sees this as a reasonable gift request)

Laptop (see “iPod Nano”)

Clipboard (I have no idea)

More cornstarch (cool school science experiment that we just replicated at home, finally. Oobleck!)

It says “A CAKE”

A new bedroom (Extreme Makeover)

I’m asking. Does anyone have additional suggestions for rounding out her birthday haul? Because I don’t think a clipboard and cornstarch on their own are gonna cut it.


7 responses to “Dare to Dream, Blondie

  1. Uncle Doug could jump out of an iPOD shaped cake?

  2. Jeff Meyerson


    I loved the laptop followed by cornstarch.

  3. Hey! Haven’t been here for a while, so I had to catsup! ;)

    Loved the videos and Hannah and her Cheez-its!

    Happy b-day to Hannah.
    Sorry, no present ideas, just had to come up with some for 13 year old girl twins and I’m all thought out. :)

  4. My birthday is in one week and two days, and I want to go for a ride in a hot air balloon.

    But judging by my father’s not-so-subtle method of walking into the room with his credit card in his hand and asking me which version of Trivial Pursuit it was that I wanted, then heading back to the computer, I think it’s safe to say I’ll be getting this.

  5. Also, I think my sister’s planning to get me an eyebrow wax and a facial. She’s been threatening to do it for years. I’ve managed to duck her and keep my twin woolly worms for a long time, but I agreed to come visit her for the weekend of my birthday. This may be a trap. Ugh.

    I’d rather have some cornstarch.

  6. This is maybe the cutest thing she has ever written of course.  However, I don’t like the fact that I only rated number 4. But at least I rated higher than the laptop, the “ackstream makeover” and what looks to be “a c***” which rated right above the new bedroom.  Those are some scary items she’s requested.

  7. Happy Birthday Hannah!

    I couldn’t get “cake” out of that either, Uncle Doug, but I bet any of my kids would have.

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