Someone really ought to pay me for this stuff, but they don’t,* so please think of this a public service announcement.

lldani1.jpgWhen you are in a very bad mood because it’s raining and the kids have filled the couch cushions with Rice Krispies again, and there’s no tequila left because you drank it last week after your youngest daughter broke your new Razr phone in two, and the cat just puked in your gym bag, trust me when I tell you that if you get in the shower with this stuff, you will relocate the happy.

*But if the nice people from Dani happen to stumble across this post, a bottle or two of your outrageously expensive dangerously addictive shower gel would suffice nicely, really. (Lemongrass-lavender, please. You know, just like it says right up there in the title.)

/end girly post



  1. As a Bath & Body Works employee with a 30% discount, I have enough shower gel and body wash to last me until the end of time. I cannot get addicted to any other expensive body products; please don’t make me.

    That being said, I own one of these, and it smells wonderful, so you’ve piqued my curiosity. Where does one find Dani products? :-)

  2. I’d just like a whiff – preferably not straight from the bottle.

  3. Bumble, I bought a tiny little sample bottle at a little local gift/candle/jewelry/textiles type place, then I had to find the website ( to buy more. :)

    But the bottle is almost gone and that makes me very sad. :(


    how was that, do you think it’ll work?

  4. Hrm. Well, I won’t buy anything I haven’t sniffed first (been burned that way), so I guess I’ll have to do without. :-)

    knbtc~ I’m wearing sunset mango tonight.

    *holds out wrist*

    And that’s all the whiffing you’re going to get, young man. I’m a lady. ;-)

  5. Bumble, there’s a store locator on their website.

    *pinches knbtc’s nose*

    Whoa, sorry. Didn’t realize it would *honk* like that.

  6. There are three states where they don’t have stores: Indiana, Wyoming & Kansas. I live in one of those. :-( I am deprived.

  7. oooOOOOOOoooooo!

    But no thanks…my dragon-flame extinguisher spritz-bottle is still half full of my very own special, KDF formulated lemon and lavendar froofy-spritz smells-so-good-it-makes-people-nuzzle-your-ear happy spray.


  8. Jeff Meyerson

    Any luck yet, K?

  9. No. But thanks for asking, Jeff.


  10. I haven’t gotten lucky lately either, Jeff. But then, none of the ladies here smell like lemongrass and lavender, or even sunset mango.

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