windowslivewriterwordpresscommakesamillionblogsthatis-ca38image0-thumb1.pngThat’s how many blogs exist on WordPress.
I look for that number every time I log on, because I wonder when it’s going to hit a million, and what will happen once it does.

Several days ago, it suddenly occurred to me that there might be some sort of pomp, maybe even circumstance, once the blog counter rolls over that ginormous number.

Will there be a party? Fireworks? Cake? Will the millionth bloglit get a bottle of screen cleaner? Maybe a gift certificate from Stop & Shop for a week’s worth of produce? Free publicity??

I’m tempted to start new blogs every day just so that maybe I could be the lucky millionth. Except that I don’t, because it’s really all I can do just to keep up with this blog, and I’m quite comfortable here, thank you. But really, I do want to see what happens. There could be a Major Award involved.

Update: Now it’s at 984,809. So sign up! You never know.


5 responses to “983,394

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    What an exciting life you lead!


  2. Hey!

    Don’t make me send you the lamp, Jeff.

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    I already have mine, but thanks.

    When is opening night of Charlotte’s Web?

    How are rehearsals going?

  4. Not for another three weeks still, but Hannah has all of her lines memorized. They just started working on the movements and staging last week.

    I look forward to providing a full report when details become available. :)

  5. oh! perhaps i could divide myself. Rather than be bagel of everything, I could have a blog for each of my ingredients!
    The bagel of salt…that I could do.
    The bagel of sugar might be difficult, as I’m not good at being nice…

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