While I Don’t Know What MacGyver Would Do, Exactly, I’m Certain He’d Be Proud

Please excuse my absence this weekend; I have been busy literally throwing my kids in the lake, filling goodwill bags with castoffs from our closets, and hosing down my garden and Abby’s — shall we say — “inappropriately placed” chalk drawings (think side of the shed and swingset… I mean, isn’t it called sidewalk chalk?)

So in lieu of actually writing something, I’m going to share one of the funniest parenting stories I have ever read, and pimp a fellow blogger’s blog. I don’t know this person. But as soon as I found her blog, I was hooked.


“Chicken and Cheese” is linked over there ===> on my Blogroll, because Mrs. Chicken’s writing is stellar. The woman can tell a story like nobody’s business, and she finds the humor in every imaginable situation (and even some that aren’t even imaginable.)

I first read this post (click on the words “this post” to read it) almost a week ago, and it stuck with me. I find myself in social situations saying, “I read the funniest story about public toddler pooping…” so I guess it really made an impression.

Click, read, enjoy, bookmark. And keep on writing, Amy!


3 responses to “While I Don’t Know What MacGyver Would Do, Exactly, I’m Certain He’d Be Proud

  1. sgirlonthebayou

    omg, that is too funny!

    (sorry, amy, but dang!)

    and kay, get over the chalk thing, will ya? ;P

    *snork!* Wasn’t so much the chalk as the attitude that went with it (she also draws with ink on furniture, ceilings, walls…) but I knew somebody would bust me on that. :) – KDF

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    *snork* at The well-groomed man seated across from us caught sight of a two-year-old clad in nude, Victoria’s Secret low-rise cotton bikinis, and beat a quick getaway.

  3. Hey, K, thanks so much for the shout-out! It was funny even right after it happened. Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

    And your blog ain’t no slouch, either. Cheers!

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