Birthday Wrap Up

Okay, so I lied.

Maybe I won’t go into detail regarding Hannah’s birthday celebration, mainly because I have missed the moment and my Adult ADD demands that I move on.

However, I can report that she was a very happy birthday kid all day, starting at 4:20 AM when she woke up in search of birthday hoopla. She was thrilled with her presents, despite the fact that a laptop computer did not appear in her pile o’ gifts. She waxed wistful as the sun set on her big day.

“Mom, it’s kind of sad when it’s over. It’s funny,” she said, “but eight doesn’t really feel different than seven.”

She’s right, of course. On a birthday, one should wake up feeling older, wholly different, more knowledgeable, taller. She expected a *poof!* moment, and was genuinely surprised when there wasn’t one. I considered, but ultimately decided against telling her that the *poof!* thing will happen, albeit with slightly less enthusiastic adjectives, when she turns forty.

Instead, I let her have her favorite moment, wrapped in a one-inch square white box, tied with rainbow colored curly ribbon. Inside, she found a pair of tiny blue and purple butterfly earrings. Which confused her.

They were real earrings.

For pierced ears.

All at once, after thinking these treasures must really be for her sister, she got it. Her eyes brightened, her jaw dropped, and she — screeeeeeamed. I mean, we’re talking glass-shattering, sound-barrier breaking, 911-worthy, blood-curdling shrieks.

I’m certain that my hearing is permanently compromised.

Hannah can’t wait to get holes punched in her ear lobes. Her dad offered to do it then and there with her fork, but she opted to wait until the lady at the jewelry store is available. More bling, less frosting.

I can’t believe she’s eight. She does homework. Whines about bad hair days. Paints her nails red. What happened to my six and a half pound baby? Really, I was JUST holding her. Wrapping her in a blanket. Smelling her sweet little head.

Wasn’t I?


8 responses to “Birthday Wrap Up

  1. You felt taller at 40?
    I’m just disappointed in the lack of Uncle Doug in a box.

  2. So was she. :)

  3. glad she had a good day.

    my firstborn turns 21 tomorrow, and i’m also wondering where the years went…

  4. I don’t need to be any taller…but I guess I have the *poof* thing in about 2 weeks…

    My daughter turned 15 about a week and a half ago. I don’t know where the time has gone…I KNOW she was just a teeny itty bitty thing…

  5. Hi Susan! Happy Almost Birthday!

  6. Jeff Meyerson

    Aww, nice. And she even got a self-awareness moment of insight for her birthday, no extra charge.

    I did like her Dad’s offer, though.

  7. Score, Hannah! My mom didn’t let me pierce my ears till I turned 13.

    Dad’s role in the whole affair (bless his heart; he had no idea what he was doing, but he did it) was to put the stud back in my ear for me when it fell out while I was putting the post-pierce solution on it.

    I had never actually put the earring in before and couldn’t get it in myself, and I was scared that the hole was going to grow back together in the few minutes it was out. Mom was at the grocery store, and I ran into dad’s room, earring in hand, panicked and pleading for help to get it back in before the hole closed.

    It all seems so comical now; there was no way that could’ve happened, and dad knew no more about earrings than I did, but he put down his book, studied my ear for a minute, aimed and fired. The stud got replaced, and in the years following, I learned that skin takes a little longer than I thought to grow.

    Though you’d think I should’ve already known that at 13. Oh well.

  8. Bumble: A few years ago, I had a piercing close up within 30 minutes of taking out the stud. Of course, it was in my tongue, so that’s a little different I guess.

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