Earlobe Update

Now she feels older.

Post video note: Two hours after the fact, Hannah admits to some previously unreported emotional and physical anguish experienced during the hole-punching moment. However, pink sparkly earrings and frequent, small doses of mirror time seem to be making it all worth it.


10 responses to “Earlobe Update

  1. Wow! I’m impressed. When my daughter got hers done she was crying, my mom was crying and the girls doing it were crying.

  2. wheee! She looks so happy!

    PS.. *TAG!* You’re it!


  3. Jeff Meyerson

    Just adorable. How about a picture of the pink sparkly earrings next?

  4. Awesome kid – all of mine cried. Okay, Gabe punched his brother first, then cried, but still…

  5. You pierced her ears yourself?!?!?

    I am in awe. :)

  6. While I very much appreciate the awe… nope, I didn’t do it. The official ear piercing lady at the jewelry store did it. :)

  7. OK then.

    never mind. :)

  8. I pierced my own ears, El, is that enough to inspire awe?

    Does the fact that rum and or codeine was involved change anything?

  9. i pierced my own ear once too, but it was accidental.

    but unfortunately, no rum or codeine was involved.

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