Generation Gap

This conversation took place just as I was about to take Abby sandal shopping at Target.

One on one shopping trips are rare around here. Abby was excited, because she is a pre-adolescent who believes that there is no better way to spend her time than to loiter in a retail establishment. Hannah was nearby, enviously basking in the pre-shoe-shopping glow, while I got ready to leave.

Hannah (suddenly noticing a cut on my leg): MOM! What did you DO?

Me: Oh, I’m fine, sweetie. I just cut my leg while I was shaving it.

Hannah (in a tone that said “Uh oh, Target ain’t gonna happen if Mom has to go to the ER): Does Abby know?

Abby: Do I know what?

Both girls gape at my tiny cut, which looks far more impressive than it actually is. Because blood is cool. Especially when it’s on your mom.

Me (rolling eyes and remaining calm): Really girls, it’s not a big deal, I promise. I just cut my leg with my razor.

Abby (suddenly wearing amazed, confused wonky face): Um. What?

Me: Whaddya mean, “What?'”

Abby: Mom… you shave your legs… with a cell phone?

Me (following a long pause): Har! I love you.


6 responses to “Generation Gap

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    *snork* at Abby.

    So, we’re anxiously awaiting the New York Times reviews here.

    How was the show?

  2. The show is tonight. Reviews to follow! :)

  3. *blinks*

    I take it there’s a cell phone called a razor? I’ll take your word for it.

    I only just found out that I could change the default wallpaper on my Tracfone. Still have the default ring tone though. The only one in the files I could change it to was called “espionage.” ???

  4. this will be a feature of the next generation of phones…
    “Johnson, what happened ? Your face is a bloody mess!’

    ‘Weak signal, sir.”

  5. kay, that’s priceless!

  6. That is too good!!!

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