I Haven’t Written the Review Yet!


But here’s Wilbur getting a buttermilk bath…

The kids were amazing.

Hannah woke up in an emotional heap this morning, and sobbed, “I’m sad we can’t do the play anymore!” She was better after school; I suspect it helped spending the day with all of her similarly depressed barnyard friends.

OK — twist my arm — one more clip.

In this one, Wilbur finds out why s/he’s being fattened up, so Hannah gets to show off her acting chops (har) in her big “I don’t want to die!” scene. The sound is terrible, but we all know the story anyway, right?


9 responses to “I Haven’t Written the Review Yet!

  1. Jeff Meyerson

    Bravo!! There was only one “actor” we could hear in that scene (great costume, by the way) and I think the director made a wise casting choice.

  2. Yep! As my neighbors can attest, the kid can project.

  3. Dammit, I’m sorry i missed this show.

  4. We really missed you, Uncle Doug.

    But we do have the entire show preserved on videotape, and the sound is much better than what I was able to capture on my little pseudo-camera. No doubt Hannah will be eager to sit and watch it with you and provide her commentary. Kind of like your own, personal, live, Special Behind-the-Scenes Featurette. With your very own pig.

  5. *admits to being jealous of Uncle Doug*

  6. I look forward to the behind the scenes featurette with Wilbur. Bring the tape up north this summer. May even ask her to act out the whole show in this year’s “Flubin.” Alex will be impressed. I like the swinging-arms-between-lines thing she does onstage. Must help her timing.

  7. cant…watch…at…work…


  8. She definitely has a flair for the dramatic. ;)


  9. *SNORK!!!*

    Gawd, she’s fabulous!

    And sooooooo cute the way she keeps adjusting her wee curly tail…!

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