Note to Emergency Room Personnel

When a patient informs you that, despite the local anesthesia, she can feel the sharp needle jabbing as you stitch up her knee, do not say, “No, you can’t!”

Because she can. And while the needle was not enjoyable, the disbelief as to the sensation of sharp pain was downright infuriating.

/end rant

P.S. I’m fine. Just slightly irritated and totally embarrassed. Aren’t my kids the ones who are supposed to occasionally require visits to the ER because of their risky, outdoor, childlike activities? I was simply attempting to transport myself by foot from my house to my car. Which involves a walk of approximately 20 feet. This sort of undertaking should not result in bloodshed, four stitches, and a tetanus shot.

P.P.S. I am proud of the fact that in spite of falling in an extremely sudden and ungraceful manner, I managed to land with my coffee cup upright. Didn’t spill a drop. Priorities!

I’m thinking of walking down the driveway to check the mailbox this morning. Please wish me luck.


10 responses to “Note to Emergency Room Personnel

  1. thbbbbbbbbbt

  2. walking to the car, and carrying a coffee cup?

    i’m so uncoordinated that would be ‘multitasking’!

    Yep, you’d *think* I’d have learned my lesson by now, but even since “The Incident,” I have overloaded myself while on the way to the car, in the interest of coffee. It’s an addiction. -KDF

  3. Me too, insom….I’d never chance it. ;)


    I hope you weren’t talking on the cell while driving to the hospital. *giggles*

    Glad you’re OK.

    Who, me? I would NEVER do that! *totally innocent look* -KDF

  4. Jeff Meyerson


    The ones that make me crazy are the young women pushing the baby stroller while ignoring the kid so they can smoke and talk on their cell.

  5. Psssst…the faint of heart (i.e., the guys) might want to look away for just a moment…..

    I once had a (male!) doctor tell me that the cervical biopsy he was doing at that moment couldn’t possibly hurt much…despite the fact that I was sweating, shaking, and had tears in my eyes.


    And I 2nd the “pllllbbbbbbbtttttttt!!” to DHB! :p

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