“Summer,” in the “my kids are out of school and bored already and therefore throwing their dirty clothes on the living room floor, building complex K-nex railroad villages on the breakfast table and declaring them permanent installations, accusing each other of stealing valuable Bella Sara cards and hiding them in dresser drawers, arguing about who ate the last packet of instant oatmeal and pushing all my buttons” sense, is exactly four days old.

And I’m wondering, would it be considered “bad parenting” if I were to set up a tent in the backyard, toss some cereal and maybe an apple or two out there occasionally, and lock all the doors and windows?

Because after four days, we’ve all had plenty of quality time, really.


10 responses to “Summertime…

  1. hey, my mom and dad did that to us!

    we never got apples, tho…

  2. You could send them to stay with Uncle Doug for a few weeks.

  3. where does uncle doug live? i’ll send mine over, too. :D

  4. There’s always summer camp! The sleep away kind. ;)

  5. Oo! Sleep-away Uncle Doug Camp! You people are brilliant. :)

    sg, that story needs to be told!

  6. I feel your pain. My two year old has been mildly sick since Friday morning, and we are quite sick of each other. There is a reason that I go to work and he goes to school every day. I think stay at home moms are brilliant and much more patient than I could ever be.

  7. Hey, it’s not like i haven’t offered to put them up at Uncle Doug Sleepaway Camp….just not all three at once. One, maybe two, tops. That also assumes i have a live-in staff of at least 4 adults to cook and clean up after the drunken little reprobates.

    (Southern Girl, Uncle Doug lives in a van down by the river.)

  8. Sometimes I think the reason I have a teenage daughter is so that I have someone to look after the drunken reprobate.

  9. *snorks* at uncle doug and knbtc*

    psst…kay…what story? the “no apples” thing?

    sg, yes! -KDF

  10. How much are you willing to pay for sleep-away camp? Maybe Aunt Bea should quit the hourly wage CSL @ BBW job and start a camp. I’ve certainly got the experience, as my darling boy can vouch. But you’ll have to send your young’uns to Portland so he can come, too.

    Speaking of which, I’ve got to fly back to Indiana tomorrow night, (whimper!) so I’ve volunteered for bedtime duty tonight to get in all the last minute cuddles I can. I’ll be lying on a twin bed singing Candle on the Water to a small boy sucking his fingers and kicking off his covers if anyone needs me. :-)

    Bumble, this is an extremely tempting offer. I’ll confer with sg and we’ll get back to you. -KDF

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