If You’re Bored, You Can Always Make Hats For Your Monkey

Hannah is a kid whose doll-playing style calls for her to strip off all manufacturer-provided clothing and accessories, and immediately replace them with one-of-a-kind originals. On any given day, my house is cluttered with somewhat unsettling piles of naked Barbies, yarn-fringed paper purses, and stuffed animals dressed in old socks that have been deconstructed and fashioned into mini-dresses and sassy halter tops.

Several days ago, Hannah declared an official “Hat Day.”

The designer’s descriptions follow each picture.


“This is his Charge Hat. He uses it to do stunts, or attack. He wears it like a helmet.”


“That’s his Clown Hat, and also a Party Hat. Sometimes he just likes to wear it to school.”


“This is a rain hat, a working hat, and a detective hat.”

I find Monkey Hat #1 to be mildly disturbing, as it just screams “Terrorist Haute Couture,” but I’m keeping that to myself. I appreciate Hannah’s focus on versatility, and her impeccable sense of practical style. Scotch tape and printer paper never looked so good.

She will be standing by all summer to take your custom headgear orders. Unless the ice cream truck is within earshot, in which case, nevermind.


6 responses to “If You’re Bored, You Can Always Make Hats For Your Monkey

  1. Hey! My teacher made ME wear that second hat in school a couple of times!!

    And my first thought upon seeing Monkey Hat #1 was, “Oh, my yes…every stunt monkey needs a medieval helmet with versatile and stylish faceplate!”

    Come to think of it…I could use one of those myself sometimes. Think Hannah could oblige me, KDF? :p

  2. Sharon, Hannah says, “Yes, and it will cost $1.00.” (I need to talk with her about pricing her product appropriately, according to what the market will tolerate, as I think she’s undercutting her earning potential. But it’s her bidness, and therefore, her call.)

    UPDATE: She just informed me, “Mom, I meant $4.00.”


  3. I’ll take one of each!


    12 bucks, just like that! So long, lemonade stand! -KDF

  4. Jeff Meyerson

    That girl is a hoot.

  5. Hannah’s Monkey Hats wbagnfarb.

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