I believe I will treat myself to a trip to Starbucks today, to celebrate the fact that this is my 100th post. Yay me!

I might even make it a venti.


7 responses to “100?!

  1. Congratulations! I’ve still got some money on my Starbuck’s card – come on over and I’ll treat you to a venti half-caf quad two-and-a-half-pump non-fat toffee nut latte with whipped cream. (I know, but I had to make adjustments for the venti.)

  2. What an idiot I am! Obviously, the “quad” comes before the “venti.”

  3. sgirlonthebayou

    geez, get it right, will ya?


  4. knbtc, what’s the degree of difficulty on that order?

  5. Masters at least, insom, and possibly even Ph.D.

  6. Jeff Meyerson

    Those “baristas” act like they’re (not their) rocket scientists, sometimes.

    And speaking of St@rbucks, did you see they’re (not there) adding salads to the menu? Now maybe it’s just me, but I want coffee (or tea) and a chocolatey treat when I go in there, not a salad.

  7. I have seen the salads, but never ordered one there. I do enjoy their sammiches, though. Especially if they’re nice enough to offer to toast it for me.

    pssst, insom, my order is so overpopulated with adjectives that I have it written on the back of my Starbucks card, in case I get all nervous and forget something while under pressure of ordering

    *proudly flies the doofus flag*

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