Double Digits!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Abigail, who turns ten today. She’s celebrating by attending her first day of summer camp, going out to T.G.I. Fridays for a family birthday dinner, and repeatedly asking how many presents she will be receiving. (I have been hard-selling the “less is more” argument, but I’m not sure she’s buying it.)

Details to follow, after they happen.


Abby takes a field trip to a textile mill while her chaperone/mother makes her smile for the camera


Abby, Champion of All Cats, checks out the current feline residents at our local animal shelter


4 responses to “Double Digits!


    double digits…whoo hoo!

    my daughter is quite enjoying being 10. :)


    Tho….my cat of the same name is still somewhat older than you are…she’s 15!


  3. Let her know there’s one more present coming. Should be there in a couple days.

    Textile mill? Just another totally rockin’ summer!

    Yes, we really know how to get nutty around here. :P -KDF

  4. Jeff Meyerson

    Happy Birthday, Abby/Abigail (as the case may be these days).

    10 is a great age.

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