Nothing Says “I Love My Country” Quite Like A Firehose

Best. Parade. Ever.

Sure, it’s got all your standard-issue and required 4th of July parade elements — firetrucks, antique cars, cute kids on bikes, and designated parade participants whose job is to whip candy at spectators’ head.

But around here, on July 4th, it’s taken one step further. The firetrucks turn their hoses on the populace. There is massive public retaliation in the form of squirt guns, water balloons, hoses and buckets. My favorite part of the day: identifying parade-goers who don’t know what they’re in for until they’re soaked. (These people are typically wearing leather loafers and holding expensive cameras.)

There is no mercy.


“You get the lady with the baby! I got the dry guy!”


Three sopping children at parade’s end. No, it was not raining.


5 responses to “Nothing Says “I Love My Country” Quite Like A Firehose

  1. sgirlonthebayou

    oh, kay, y’all have so got to come here for mardi gras!

    but you’ll have to bring your own squirt guns.


  2. Jeff Meyerson

    Looks great! What a fun idea.

  3. Jeff Meyerson

    All we got was crappy fireworks.

  4. It’s all fun and games until someone gets wet… I bet the kids loved it, though.

  5. and here i thought it was part of a series: “water cannon throughout the ages” (much more popular than the preceding “rubber bullets through the ages” and ” the illustrated history of tear gas”)

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