Overheard On A Road Trip

Note: While reading the following transcript, note the utter lack of discipline. I was too busy laughing. In a very parental way, though.

Hannah (while unbuckling her seatbelt): I hate this seatbelt! I can’t breathe! I’m not wearing one.

Me: Hannah, put it back on. That’s not safe and not smart. If we had an accident, you’d go flying through the windshield.

Sam: That would be cool! That’s even excitinger than Abby being tied to a bunch of train tracks!

Hannah (rebuckling): Hmph.

Sam (while hitting Hannah): Hannah hit me!

Hannah: STOP! IT!

Sam: Can’t make me.

Hannah: You’re a bitch. You’re the only bitch in the car.

Sam: I am 0% bitch. You are 100% stupid.

Abby (grinning from the far back seat; happily behind the fray): This is entertaining!


10 responses to “Overheard On A Road Trip

  1. *SNORK!!*

    My percentage is pretty low, but…I’ll bet I’m a leeeeeetle bit more than 0% bitch.


  2. Har! Yep, I’ll bet I’m in that ballpark with you.

    Maybe like 6%. No, 10.

    OK, 117%, when those moments hit, but only on really, really bad days. Like when skunks have visited the yard. Or when it’s raining.

    *grins sheepishly*

  3. Well hey…on a more positive note, the use of the word “bitch” boosted you from a “G” to a “PG” rating.

  4. No! Way! Woo hoo!

    pssst, do you think I can add a little tequila to my lime slushie now?

  5. I want a ride in that car. And since when has my Hannah Banana been swearing?

  6. Swearing is the new experimental trend. Brace yourself, Uncle Doug. She also says “dumbass.”

  7. OMG…..!

    *claps hand over mouth to stifle guffaws*


    Yeah, sorry, that hardly ever works. But don’t worry, DHB…I’m sure she’d NEVER call you that.

  8. hey, who’s the one whose blog is supposed to be more adult oriented?!?

    bad, bad, KDF…;p

    *also snorks*

  9. I’m with Abby. This is very entertaining.


  10. My 15 year old loved this and plans to use it in the future…lol

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