Hey, I’m Off the D-List!


I have always wanted to be a member of the “middle authority group.”

I wonder if it comes with dental?


4 responses to “Hey, I’m Off the D-List!

  1. sgirlonthebayou

    i’m not sure what this means, but…

    yay! for you!


    I’m not sure what it means either, sg, except that I spend a lot of time typing, and somebody somewhere thinks that this is a good thing. :) -KDF

  2. I don’t know either, but you know that you are on my “A” list.

    *Awaits the private detective sent by Uncle Doug*

    Aw!!! Thank you, knbtc. And, erm, yep… rest assured that thugs are on their way. -KDF

  3. They tend to lay in wait for awhile before they start knocking on doors. Except they dont knock. They blitz. I’m sorry, knbtc, but you practically asked for private detectives. Instead you got thugs. I apologize. I really do. They should be making themselves known shortly. Yell “uncle” if you’ve had enough. That sometimes backs ’em off.

  4. Cool, could they check the oven? I think I left it on when I headed out this morning. There’s beer and pizza in the fridge. I’ll be home middle of next week.

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