The Scent of… Normal?

Hannah’s room smells like SweetTarts and wet swimsuit.

Abby’s room smells like an overturned bottle of Raspberry Vanilla cologne squirted with Love’s Baby Soft.

Sam’s room smells like feet.

Huh. I must be doing something right.


3 responses to “The Scent of… Normal?

  1. that’s funny. The scents of sour milk and breast milk poop diapers have taken over my house lately.

    Ah, I remember that smell. :) -KDF

  2. You’re lucky. Seems like every room in our house smells like salami or wet dog…

    Ohhh… do not envy the raspberry-vanilla. Trust me on this. -KDF

  3. mmmm. i don’t mind clean wet dog smell

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