Well, It HAS Been Five Whole Days


Kathryn/Abigail/Tiger/Abby informs me that she has changed her mind, and will be going with a combination of her first and middle names, to be uttered as one five-syllable nickname, Abigail-Kathryn, which really rolls right off the tongue, if you ask me.


4 responses to “Well, It HAS Been Five Whole Days

  1. Ahhhhhhh….identity searching! I remember those days.

    Of course, when I was about Abigail-Kathryn’s age, the song “My Sharona” was quite popular, so I just wanted to be called something that didn’t cause people to burst into choruses of that f*@&!#% song.

    Hey! I had that single! (Back in the old days, we called ’em 45’s. *creeeeeaaak*) What ever happened to The Knack, I wonder? -KDF

  2. Jeff Meyerson

    I guess I missed the “Tiger” stage, or I’m just not awake enough to remember it.

    My niece (born on a hippie commune) was named “Love” at birth. By the time she was 5 she was “Autumn”. At 13 she wanted to become “Jennifer” but her mother told her to wait until she was 18 and decide then.

    Believe it or not she’s now “Premhansa”.

    You’re right, Jeff — I don’t think I mentioned the “Tiger” phase here. I do remember the story of your niece. I suspect Abby — oops — I mean, Abigail-Kathryn, is not finished yet! -KDF

  3. I used to always go by Bea, but then I also got called, Bumble, Buzz, Wasp, etc.

    Now when people call me Beatrice upon first meeting me, I leave it at that, so I’m Beatrice at work and in certain classes at school, but still Bea everywhere else. I like Beatrice, though. It’s a fairly uncommon name, and I share it with an awesome great aunt I adore.

    But I’ll always be Bea to some. When my sister calls the store and I answer in my “professional” voice with, “Bath & Body Works, this is Beatrice. May I help you?” she either cracks up laughing or uses her “professional” voice to pretend to be a ridiculous customer. I don’t get no respect. :-)

  4. there was a ‘where are they now ?’ reality t.v. show on fox that has the knack on it…

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