Anyone Know Where I Can Get Little Windshield Wipers Installed On My Sunglasses?

I went out for a quick bike ride this morning. I didn’t have time for a long one today, but still wanted to sneak in a fast five miles or so before the weather closed my window for the day.

bikerain.jpgI had ridden four when it started to rain.

This felt indescribably wonderful. It was only about 65 degrees, but I was at the point during my ride where I’m usually grateful to spot a sprinkler and steer my bike through the spray. Getting completely rain-soaked kept me cool, made me laugh, and caused several passing motorists to shoot me looks suggesting that they thought I might enjoy a warm towel questioned my judgment believed I should pedal directly to the local loony bin.

I couldn’t stop yet — this felt too good.

I ended up riding nine miles, hanging up the helmet only because the rain was making it difficult to see through my sunglasses (there was no sun to block, but today they functioned as tiny windshields) and because I thought I’d better not push my luck on the slippery pavement, given my slightly pathetic tendency to have humiliating accidents.

I don’t mind explaining my bruises, but I’d rather not return to the ER just yet.

UPDATE: I love the internets.


3 responses to “Anyone Know Where I Can Get Little Windshield Wipers Installed On My Sunglasses?

  1. We rode all through the rainy winter here, and I found it best to just remove the glasses when the rain got heavy enough. The improved visibility far outweighed the occasional raindrop in the eye.

    Good to know. Thanks for the tip, j. -KDF

  2. Did you buy the sunglasses? Inquiring minds want to know!

    And you might want to check out Mr. Sunglasses’ other offerings, as that Taco Suit (GNFARB) would be great for bike riding.

    At the loony bin.

    No doubt you can never go wrong with Mr. Sunglasses, but for now I guess I’ll stick with the shades I’ve got. However, I am now craving nachos. -KDF

  3. not too long ago my cousin and i were 4-wheeling when we got caught in the rain. i was driving, and i too was wishing for wipers on my shades.

    but, it was a blast, and we were laughin our *sses off the entire time!

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