Crap, When Did This Happen??


Hannah gyrates her way through the kitchen, frequently and spontaneously breaks into song, and announces that she’s “bringing sexy back.”


Sam (mumbling, to nobody in particular, immediately following what looks to be a painful, yet highly stylish landing on the Slip -n- Slide: That’s a son of a bitch!


Hannah (while stomping up the stairs): ABBY SMEARED LIPSTICK ALL OVER MY SWIMSUIT!

Abby (stomping up behind her): THAT’S BECAUSE SHE CALLED ME AN UGLY BEEYOTCH!


6 responses to “Crap, When Did This Happen??

  1. So, you are losing the G rating because of the kids?

  2. Jeff Meyerson


  3. that was my thought exactly, knbtc!

    that, and that kdf must have a potty mouth at home. ;)

    Hey!! What the $%#&% do you mean by that? ;) -KDF

  4. lmao….I don’t feel so bad. My kids cuss more than me too and it’s not because I have a potty mouth ;)

  5. such a pretty girl, such a dirty mouth…


  6. Ahhhh, so much to look forward to!

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