Summer Earnings

Hannah and the ice cream man have a special bond.

He realized, way back in June, that she would be a regular customer as long as the cash held out. Hannah figured out that even when she can’t soak me for two bucks, she can buy three pieces of bubble gum for a quarter. Even when she’s cashless, sometimes Ice Cream Dude tosses some Dubble Bubble her way. A little extra somethin’ for the regulars always keeps them coming back.

Smart ice cream man.

Hannah knows that I am not often willing to shell out money for ice cream that costs approximately 80% less when I buy it by the box in the grocery store (I know, bah humbug.) But, dang, she looooves her some ice cream truck ice cream. Somehow, it just doesn’t taste the same coming out of the freezer in the basement.

She is highly motivated to generate her own ice cream cash stash, so she has spent much of her summer doing this:


When this kid runs a lemonade stand, she does not fool around.

She understands that simply hanging out in the yard with cups and a pitcher is not going to get the job done to her satisfaction. She keeps an eye on her cup supply, keeps the area around her cooler looking neat, and offers her customers a free water balloon with every cup. She yells, at full volume, “LEMONADE FOR SALE!!! 50 CENTS!!!” at every car that passes. The neighbors seem to be impressed with her efforts. She frequently tracks me down to report that someone drove by without stopping, but still managed to fling money at her through the passenger-side window.

My little sales professional is learning through experience that some time periods are slower than others, so now she has the savvy to set things up around 3:00 PM in order to capitalize on post-camp carpools, in addition to the after work crowd.

Yesterday’s take was $1.95, and as I type, she is outside moving product again.

Since sales have been slow, she supplemented her income by walking around the block yesterday in search of returnable cans. It was trash day and she was hot to hit the bins before the recycling truck showed up. She found… one can. I know she was disappointed, but she still stated unequivocally that the walk was worth the effort.

She still doesn’t know that I have spent more money on cups and lemonade mix than she has earned in her brief career, but perhaps that lesson will happen naturally once she has earned enough to start buying her own supplies.

I think I’ll let her believe in the Cup Fairy for a while longer. I like her work ethic.

I must sign off. I hear the ice cream truck.


3 responses to “Summer Earnings

  1. That’s my girl. Is she still stretching her supplies by diluting with hose water? Nothing quite like a cup of Hannah’s famous lukewarm, mildew-flavored yellow H2O. It’s the pause that refreshes on a hot summer day. She’s a half-pint version of Donald Trump meets Martha Stewart. (Make that a quarter pint.)

    She seems to have figured out that added hose water makes for a nasty refreshment, so no, I think she sold it all at full-strength today.

    However, I do have to remind her occasionally that the cooler is designed to keep the lemonade cold, by way of storing the pitcher INSIDE. She treats it more like a table.

    Lemonade sitting outside of cooler + three hours of sunshine = I don’t want to talk about it. -KDF

  2. good for her!

    But I wouldn’t hire Uncle Doug as my p.r. person if I was her.

    Excellent point, Jeff. However, it should be known that Uncle Doug would gladly drink Hannah’s mildewy, lukewarm, hose-water lemonade any day if he thought it might make her smile. (I know… AWWWWWW!!! But it’s true.) -KDF

  3. Does she deliver?

    I suspect she will deliver to anyone willing to provide her with egg and cheese sandwiches. -KDF

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