The Magic That Is YouTube

I park my homemade videos at YouTube so that I can post them here. They are needles in a very large haystack, and I assume for the most part that the only people who view them are family and friends who read about them on this very blog.

YouTube counts how many times each video is watched. Views on mine have ranged anywhere from 17 up to about 200.

So, imagine my surprise when I discovered that the video clip of Hannah getting her ears pierced has somehow amassed a substantial, enthusiastic, YouTube-using tween following? They leave insightful comments such as “Hannah ur so cool” and “LOL my sis made me watch this.”

This clip has been viewed 1,593 times.

I will not tell Hannah of her fan club. But I do wonder… are any of them available to babysit?



3 responses to “The Magic That Is YouTube

  1. I think you should tell Hannah immediately. She needs to know about this rabid fan following she’s amassed. If you don’t tell her, i might have to.

    Make sure to get back on youtube and let her fans know about her famous piss-flavored lemonade. Maybe it’s even time to set up a “Hannah’s Lemonade” mail order website. Let’s put the power of the web to use. With any luck, Hannah’s online lemonade sales will pay for her college education. And selling online will free up some of her time from the retail side of the operation. What’s not to like?

    Uncle Doug, I’d tell you you’re hired, but you already knew that. -KDF

  2. lmao….that is too funny. One day she’ll thank you at an awards show for making her famous :)

  3. Or write a tell-all book about how you humiliated her on youtube. *snork*

    I like Uncle Doug’s idea.

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