Somebody Hold Me

How and when — ow, gawd, WHEN?? — did my adorable little 10 year-old daughter change magically from this tiny little person (and really, I look at this preschool picture and I swear she was talking about circle time and learning to ride a bike only the blink of an eye ago):


into this so very grown up and beautiful — argh, I’m afraid to say it — pre-teen/young-adultish creature? (And the photo quality stinks because I only had my cell phone crapcam with me, but I’m actually glad it’s blurry)

(Picture deleted and replaced with this stunning lookalike, since the world doesn’t get to ogle Abby in heels :P)


I took her to Payless to buy a new pair of flip flops to get her through the summer, and she made a beeline for the women’s size 6 stilettos, using the aisle as her own personal runway until I dragged her from the store. This kid has got the poses, the walk, the attitude. And the LEGS… I mean… Ooohhh. Craaaap!

Wasn’t she just kicking off her tiny little baby socks? Begging for Hello Kitty sneakers? Loving her Barbie sandals?




6 responses to “Somebody Hold Me

  1. WHOA!

    She’s definitely got the moves! And great legs!
    Very cute. I bet she doesn’t wear footie jammys anymore either. ;)

    *sobs* -KDF

  2. Has this happened over the past few months? I don’t remember this version of Abby showing up last time i was there for a visit. This is all very upsetting. Looks like i better load up the twelve-gauge before the dating years kick in. Suitors will be required to have a nice little talk with Uncle Doug before they take niece Abby out on the town. Not kidding.

    Yes, evidently over the past few months. And I’m glad about the shotgun thing. -KDF

  3. Boy do I know how you feel…except I have a 15 year old…with boobs….that are bigger than mine. And she is taller than me so I can’t even ignore them because they stare me in the face. It’s sooo not fair :(

  4. Those potential suitors will have to be very serious in order to travel all that way just to have an appointment with Uncle Doug.

    And, since nobody else has volunteered to help with the request in the title…

    Aw!!! I knew you’d come through, KNBTC. -KDF

  5. SG sent me a pic of her youngest, and I didn’t even recognize her–WOW! They do grow up, don’t they–and far too soon! She really is beautiful, though.

    Hi SG’s mom! And thank you. :) -KDF

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