Top 5 Hidden Positives to Returning from 10 days of “Vacation”

Note: And by “vacation,” I mean time spent away from my place of residence in another state with members of my family who may or may not be complaining about my sub-par cleaning skills (Mom) or reinforcing Sam’s new habit of saying “Hey, get your hand off my ass!” (Uncle Doug) or harboring germs and throwing up on freshly cleaned carpets (two out of Uncle Mike and Aunt Dar’s three kids) or commandeering the remote (Dad.)

But we cherish them, really.

So as I unpack and regroup and try to get myself in gear while the kids stare at the calendar in disbelief as the summer days dwindle away, it occurs to me that even though many of us paint the end of “vacation” as a bad thing, there is much positive spin to rejoice in.

1. I see the clutter with new eyes. I rarely notice it, but right now, no toy, piece of furniture or odd sock is safe. Who needs all this crap and why does it dominate my house?

2. I am driven to empty and clean the fridge, as all the forgotten leftovers and old veggies have acquired colors and fuzzy appendages not normally found in any food group. Most of the time I just try to make my best guess as to which broccoli stalk is the freshest, but as of tomorrow (or whenever I get myself to the grocery store) everything will be new.

For a week.

At which point I’ll start my leftovers collection again.

Which begs the question: can blue cheese ever really go bad?

3. The house isn’t any messier than when we left Thursday before last, save for a little a lot of additional flying cat furr.

4. I can safely throw away almost everything in my ever-growing Kitchen Counter Pile of Stuff. If I haven’t dealt with it yet, anything underneath the top half-inch of paper is probably expired, no longer relevant, or not worth worrying about.

5. Maybe Sam will begin eating protein again.


3 responses to “Top 5 Hidden Positives to Returning from 10 days of “Vacation”

  1. Duh, anything BLUE is already bad.

  2. *snork*

    yeah, i gotta go with knbtc on this one!

  3. K, there is no #3. I thought you knew that.

    And don’t forget the biggest benefit:

    Back to school!

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