Please Excuse My Absence

… of late, but school started yesterday, so I have spent most of my time buying school supplies according to specific, teacher-supplied lists, for which I am grateful so that I’m not guessing and buying the wrong stuff, which would certainly result in return trips to the store, except that the lists keep on coming, so I’ve been to Staples three times and Target twice, in three days.

And Abby brought home another list today.

Also, Hannah needs new soccer cleats, Abby is waiting to hear back regarding whether or not she got a part in an October production of Little Women, I have a meeting with Sam’s teachers tomorrow morning at 8:30, and I need to find new dental insurance since our dentist, who I specifically chose because she was the only dentist within 25 miles who took our insurance, stopped taking it.

So tomorrow’s not looking so good either.

And since I’m on a rant (I may as well get it all out now and then be done with it, trust me on this) does anyone know why, exactly, I have to fill out new health and contact information, from scratch, for each child, every year on the first day of school, and why, on this paperwork, I am required to write things such as my phone numbers and e-mail address and social security number and monthly grocery expenditures and total number of cats several times over?

I understand that the information is important, but why can’t it all just be in one central place, in a computer somewhere, instead of written repeatedly on various colorful sheets of paper?

The trees! Think of the trees!

Okay, I’m done now.


8 responses to “Please Excuse My Absence

  1. exactly! if this information is so groingrabbingly important, why not save it from year to year? since the last nomadic tribes moved through our area some time ago, a surprising number of people live in the same location they did last year!

    “Groingrabbingly.” Har! -KDF

  2. *quietly passes drinks to the parents present*

    *slips out to do the ridiculous amount of reading college professors have deemed a dire necessity*

  3. Btw, do they really ask about household pets, or were you being facetious? If you are serious, why on earth do they need to know that?

  4. ….And did you count your Lily-cat twice??


    *snork* -KDF

  5. I share your frustration. I have 4 kids and I’ve filled out so many darn forms on them. Seriously, we are a small town. The schools are all about 1 mile apart. How hard is it to send the old forms with their records? If there are changes the parents should be responsible for informing the schools and not make us all suffer by doing new forms every year!!

  6. Wine. Lots of wine. Red or white. Whenever you’re handed lots of forms to fill out, you should be handed a bottle of wine as compensation.

    Agreed, AND, I’m gonna see what I can do about getting that federally mandated. “No Parent Left Sober.” -KDF

  7. The “new forms” thing is just stupid.

    When Jackie taught (before electric light) she tried to send out lists for parents but there were always some who sent kids in on day 1 with The Wrong Supplies.

    At least then Jackie had some insight into her parent population — even better than wearing “I’m not paying attention!” signs across their chests. -KDF

  8. Never understood all of that, “and you need a chartreuse folder with brads and pockets,” stuff.

    I tell them to bring some paper and a pencil and an imagination. And if they can’t bring all of that, I have pencils and paper they can use.

    Exactly! Although, I must admit… I enjoy chartreuse. -KDF

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