I Suppose It’s All Relative

Up until twelve minutes ago, Sam’s room was unvacuumable.

Crap everywhere.

Shoes, blankets, K’Nex, clothes, trash, bike helmet, school supplies and peanut butter crackers covering every square inch of floor, making it impassable. I even failed at my most recent attempt to put his clean clothes in, on top of, or near his dresser drawers, since I was barefoot at the time and couldn’t step into the room without impaling my foot on a train part.

This is how he answered the call to clean his room.


He feels his work is done.


9 responses to “I Suppose It’s All Relative

  1. A man after my own heart.

    *eyes her messy bedroom hopelessly*

  2. OH my-how dare you come in my house and expose my dirty laundry like that!!!!

    LOL I guess I am just glad I am not the only one living with miniature Oscar the Grouch wannabe’s *grin*

  3. Well…it’s neater, right? I mean, you can see the rug now.

    Hey, that’s what he said! -KDF

  4. Looks like my teens rooms. I praise God every day for inventing doors!!

  5. it’s really good to know that my son’s room isn’t the only one that looks this way…and my daughter’s is even worse!

  6. As if you didn’t have enough things to do I tagged you. Hey, at least my room is cleaner than his ;-).

    The rules are at http://fragilex.wordpress.com

  7. The shoes ON the bed is my favorite little detail. I can’t stop chuckling about that.

  8. He knew you wanted to vacuum, so he fixed it so you could. ;)

    Exactly! -KDF

  9. i have a daughter that does the same thing.

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