Please, Somebody Save Me

I seem to have been swallowed by the Back to School Monster.

I’m here, but I’m up to my eyeballs in homework and the early bus (6:42 AM!) and back to school nights and politely hanging up on all the volunteer coordinators and…

(was that out loud?)



7 responses to “Please, Somebody Save Me

  1. Holy cow!! 6:42!! Matt’s comes about an hour after that. I couldn’t imagine 6:42. I don’t think I’m dressed at that time!!

  2. Let your kids do their own homework!


    OK, I’m not actually DOING any homework. But the job of cracking the whip so that they DO their homework sure makes it feel as if it’s mine. -KDF

  3. *does own homework*

    Corporate Finance and Operations Management suck rocks.

    *goes back to calculating annuities and productivities*

  4. I just can’t get over a 6:42 bus.

    Have they lost their minds?

    Yes! -KDF

  5. ….they had minds to lose??

    Just wonderin’.

    No! -KDF

  6. 6:42! Man, I wish my kids could sleep in like that.

  7. at 6:42 i’m still hitting the “snooze” button ;)

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