Uh Oh

*fears being drummed out of WordPress for lack of attention to blog duties*



9 responses to “Uh Oh

  1. you and me both, sistah!

  2. You guys don’t need to worry. If they haven’t drummed knbtc out for that yet, you’ve got time. ;-)

    *ducks, in case knbtc drops by*

    Seriously, I’m amazed you guys find the time to post as much as you do, busy as you are. Between school and work, I’d never be able to maintain a blog. I was at the store doing inventory until 1:00 this morning. Stupid inventory.

  3. You’re fired!

    Crap. -KDF

  4. Hey, as a parent and a teacher, I have TWO back-to-school monsters to deal with!

  5. Uh oh.

    Bumble, are you still ducking?

  6. *pipes up from hiding place*

    knbtc, wasn’t implying you were remiss in any way. Just trying to reassure KDF & s-girl that they needn’t worry.

    *goes back into hiding*

    My hiding place has Tivo and miniature Snickers. Life is good.

  7. s’aright, B – I’m just busy and don’t have much time for frivolous pursuits, lately.

  8. Who does? *sigh*

    *dashes off to study for Operations Management exam*

  9. *frivolously pursues*

    So neener!

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