Mini Me

I am extremely late in reporting this, but a month ago, I promised my mom I’d post a side-by-side picture comparison, since this post freaked her out.

It rattled me too, but for an entirely different reason. One of my babies, my oldest daughter, is growing up WAY too fast. Well, okay, they all are, but I digress. At age ten, Abby is looking more like a young adult than a child.

Never mind. Been there, posted that.

(I promise, I do have a point. Watch out, here it comes!)

Rather than focusing on the current picture of Abby looking all grown up in high heels, my mom reacted to the first picture in the post. The one of Abby in preschool, taken seven years ago.

Because she thought it was me.

We were on the phone that day, and she pulled up my blog as we talked. She paused. She sounded confused.

Mom: Where did you get that picture?

Me: It was on my refrigerator.

Mom: It was? I thought I had the only copy of that.

Me: Huh?

Mom: That’s you, Kathy.

Me: No, Mom, that’s Abby. When she was in preschool.

Mom: Nooooo. Holy crap!

That’s Abby on the left; me on the right.

(I swiped the old picture from Mom and scanned it.)

Lil’ freaky. Or maybe that’s just me.


9 responses to “Mini Me

  1. wow. totally the same face.

  2. That’s an amazing resemblance.

    I have a pair of similar pictures of my mom and my older sister. They looked so much alike as children. If the ones of mom weren’t in black and white, I’d get them mixed up. :-)

  3. Wow, i’ve never seen those two pix side by side before.

  4. Wow.

    Everyone has always said how much I look like my father but the freaky thing was seeing a picture of his father when he was young.

    My father looked exactly like him.

  5. omg…that is totally freaky!!!

  6. You see freaky? I see kitten ears.

    (d@mn, had I ever written anything cute before? I gotta go hurl.)

    Aw! But we LIKE it when you’re cute! -KDF

  7. Holy look-alikes, Batman!


  8. Amazing! And Wonderful! :)

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