Sick Kid Update

The relapse arrived only slightly off schedule, at 4:25 PM EST yesterday. “Mom,” she moan-screeched. “My throat hurts so much, I can’t even talk.” I didn’t tell her that her energy level and impressively high vocal volume betrayed her story just a tad.

This morning, she gave the extra sick-day ploy one more try, as she crawled into bed with me, proclaiming that she was still very, very ill.

“I don’t feel good.”

She threw in a last-ditch, mournful request. “Please… feel… my… head.” She used her very best, wide-eyed croak, mustering every sad and downtrodden facial expression in her theatrical repertoire. She raised a little handful of crumpled kleenex and blew her sore nose. She blinked. She looked pathetic. All in.

I declared her fit for school.

She sighed.

Then, she dropped the act and requested a bowl of Rice Krispies and a banana, while planning her outfit for the day and fighting with her sister over who would get to bring the jump rope to school. Also, Mom, how about a turkey sandwich for the snack bag, hold the mayo?

Yep. I think we’re on the mend, here.

Of course, my paranoid mother-guilt side is just a tiny bit worried that my little blonde wasn’t kidding about the throat thing, and that I sent her to school when I shouldn’t have.

*keeps fingers crossed and cough drops at the ready*


8 responses to “Sick Kid Update

  1. This just in: schools all along the eastern seaboard are closed due to epidemic which started in a small town in…

    *snork* -KDF

  2. She’s pure theater. See yesterday’s attempted candy con as proof. Much as I am a sucker for the blondie, you did the right thing. She’s 100% healthy.

  3. An irony: I used to pull the same stuff on my mother, but now that I’m old enough to choose for myself whether to go to school or not, I perish at the thought of skipping a class, even if I am sick. What if the professor says something important and I miss it? What if I get behind? What if I get points docked off my grade or get on the teacher’s bad side because I didn’t show?

    I wish I were still capable of having a more relaxed view regarding the necessity of my academic pursuits. I didn’t care so much. *sigh*

    sharon and insom and all my teachers are snickering and gloating somewhere. :-)

  4. *snicker*


    Um….think my students would mind if I called in a sick day tomorrow??

  5. *steals sharon’s whip and cracks it*


  6. Aaaaaaaand…the blog goes from rated R to NC 17!

    Sheesh…way to go, bumble…now gimme back my whip and stay outta my toybox!

  7. My kids quit doing this when I started asking them this very important question: “Are you puking or have a fever?”

    “No! Then you can go to school!!”

    We have very few sick days. Plus they have a school nurse who can call me if they show up puking or with a fever.

    They also know I’ll feel sorrier for them if the school nurse calls for me to come get them.

    Silly kids :)

  8. I’m glad you called her bluff. I have a feeling she’ll be just fine today. Good job parenting today. Solid effort!

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