Survey for the Curly-Haired Girls

I have a question. I am genuinely curious here, in addition to being extremely determined to conquer this beast.

The beast, of course, is my failure to fit all the liquids and gels I’ll need for a weekend into one teeny, tiny resealable one-quart plastic baggie. Because I really want to get back to traveling with carry-on luggage only, dammit.

Ever since the FAA took the precaution of eliminating dangerous hair-care products and suspect mascaras from the main cabin in order to enhance my air travel safety, I have not even attempted to fly without checking my luggage. I had been a confirmed carry-on’er for many years, since:

1) I don’t particularly enjoy watching the luggage carousel go round and round while being elbowed by my fellow travelers, only to catapult myself forward at just the right moment, dashing any illusion of grace and risking injury just to get to the front and grab my bag before someone else does, and

2) my travels aren’t nearly as pleasant when my checked suitcase goes on its own separate vacation to, say, Guam. (Of course, this would be fine if I were in fact, traveling to Guam, but I don’t really get there much. Or, ever.)


Yes, I hear you rolling your eyes, thinking, “Why would anybody possibly need MORE than what can fit into a ziploc?” and, “Oh, she’s one of those high-maintenance chicks.”


Am not.

Oh, all right. When it comes to hair care products, I am. I admit it. High maintenance.

There, I said it.

But I know that all the other curly-haired girls out there know what I’m talking about. Left to fend for ourselves without benefit of the precise, individualized combination of shampoo/conditioner/defrizzer/styling creme/hairspray in which we have invested years of field research, and upon which we faithfully depend so as not to look like big poufy balls of frizz, thereby opening ourselves up to humilation and public snickering… well, we simply cannot be seen in public. Doesn’t matter whether it’s one night or two weeks; that stuff is essential.

If you are yourself a brave soul who has faced this issue and you’re willing to help me problem-solve, I’d like to hear your answer to this two-part question. I’m going to do this. I will not let the terrorists win.

1) Have you successfully consolidated and packed all of your stuff into a little, airport security-approved, resealable baggie, without eliminating things and planning to buy them once you get there?

2) How? For the love of reasonably groomed, naturally poufy locks, how?!?


14 responses to “Survey for the Curly-Haired Girls

  1. LOL!! I have stick straight hair. If it weren’t for product I would be a pin head. I get it. Here is my solution: Send a flat rate box to the hotel in your name. Time it for the day you arrive. Call the hotel and tell them a package is coming for you and could they please have it ready for your check in.
    Oh and you do know hair care products are not liquids,fragile or hazardous, right?

  2. Just pack your flat iron :)

    I tried that approach for a while, but just ended up with straight, burned out frizz. Letting it be curly seems to be the best approach for me, although I fought the curl for approximately 35 years. It’s the art of gently taming it that consumes me. Well, okay. Tortures me. -KDF

  3. I went and got a bunch of those little containers for shampoo and conditioner and use those. Obviously mousse and hairspray can’t go in those but I can usually find what I need in trial or really small sizes at the store for those.

  4. Hi, I just found this blog on the WP homepage,

    I’m a curly haired girl, well, more on the wavy, thick and extremely unruly side. I love it shapely thought, straight is so not me, so boo straighteners.
    For travelling I cant do wothout the travel sized products like Charles Worthing Take-aways, or Mark hill travel mini’s. Dont know whether you get these brands where you are, (both are Brit).
    John Frieda frizz ease is brilliant and small enough to shove in handbag. I’ve traveled with those and not had any issues at all.

  5. I’m not here to help problem solve. Just wanted to check in and say that you must be one of them high maintenance chicks.

  6. OK, I do get the whole idea about the little travel-sized bottles. I just can’t figure out how you actually manage to fit EVERYTHING in one little bag.

    *thwacks Uncle Doug*

    I admitted it already, didn’t I? :P

  7. What Uncle Doug says. Hair care products? Huh?

    But *snork* at big poufy balls of frizz

  8. I don’t buy a little bag…I buy a very large gallon size bag :)

  9. Big poufy balls of frizz of the world unite!!

    I just spent three hours and an obscene amount of money at the salon today trying to tame the mane…and it worked. Today.

    We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

    Sticks tongue out at DHB for calling mah sistah (yah, I know she’s your sister, but that’s altogether different) high maintenance! :p )

  10. Yep, size matters.. teeny tiny containers.. gigantinormous bag. Little zipper compartments within that bag help too that way you can keep it somewhat dont have to empty out the entire contents trying to find some spare change.

  11. Must not have been a very good one.

    Usually salons have mini shampoos and stuff but those are market up way too much (trust me, I’m a hairdresser).

    Have you ever tried the Sexy Hair Concepts line? They have stuff for every type of hair.

  12. First off, I will recommend a book for you:

    Secondly, I travel WEEKLY… sometime gone for for two weeks at a time if not more. I have not gotten to quite two weeks straight of not washing my hair yet but I can go a week now and it looks great (and NO, it doesn’t smell and I am not dirty). Honestly, pick up that book and if you have naturally curly hair, try some of the ticks in that book and stop fighting your hair. I’ve been doing it slowly and my hair has never looked better.

  13. Well, I haven’t flown for a while, but I suggest taking one thing only (don’t panic, you know what curly hair I have) and that would be a very strong gel, which you’ll put on your hair after washing with hotel shampoo and conditioner and scrunching hair and then letting air dry. A strong gel will prevent it from moving and after it’s dry you and re-scrunch to soften a bit.

    You’re welcome. :)

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