C’mon, Gimme a Little Sugar

Did you ever have one of those evenings where you would gladly trade in your left kneecap for dessert, and you’re cranky because you know there’s nothing in the house, and you begin to drool as you remember those delicious frozen coconut bars that you bought last week, and even though you know they’re long gone, you find yourself walking to the freezer to check, just in case somehow one of them slipped back behind the peas and carrots and escaped everyone else’s finely-tuned, dessert-seeking eyes, and then you look even though you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will be met with disappointment and a treat-free fridge?

And then… while sighing in anticipation of your failed freezer investigation… you actually find one?

Sometimes it’s the little blessings that make me the happiest.


4 responses to “C’mon, Gimme a Little Sugar

  1. I’ve never tried those.

    *contemplates making a midnight Kroger run*

    Yep, if you like real coconut, they’re worth it, B. -KDF

  2. Jackie {hearts} anything with coconut so we’ll have to look out for them.

  3. Well said! Yesterday I had the same irresistible urge for marshmallows, and I ended up giving in.

    No one but me eats marshmallows alone. I know this.

  4. You have to have company to eat marshmallows? Sometimes I am glad to be completely lacking in social skills.

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